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Welcome from the Governors of Lee-on-the-Solent Infant and Nursery School

The governing body of the school works with the Headteacher to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to achieve the best learning outcomes. This is undertaken through strategic leadership, robust accountability measures, and oversight of the school’s educational and financial performance.

These responsibilities are carried out in part through monitoring visits, critical analysis of progress and attainment data, and regular reviews of school policies and safeguarding reports. The whole governing body meets at least twice per term to hold discussions and make decisions to help drive the school forward to realise its vision for the children and the community.

Responsibility for specific areas of focus is delegated to committees or individual governors. Currently the school governance structure includes committees for Headteacher Performance Management, Pay, Resources, and Curriculum. The governors serving on these committees meet on a cycle tied to the academic calendar and statutory requirements, and these meetings are minuted by the Clerk.

Governors are recruited with a view to securing the necessary depth and breadth of expertise, skills, and experience required to fulfil the governing body’s core responsibilities. Extensive training is available to aid in developing the governing body and to support the growth of individual governors in order to address key strategic needs.

The role of the governors is strictly non-operational, and the day-to-day management of the school is entrusted to the Headteacher and the school’s Senior Leadership Team. However, the governors are keen to be involved in the life of the school and are often in attendance at school events.

If you are interested in investing in your child’s education by joining the governors, the Chair of Governors would be glad to speak with you about the role in greater depth. We would also encourage you to support the school and your children’s education in other ways. Attending events or becoming involved with FLINS (Friends of Lee-on-the-Solent Infant and Nursery School) will help to model being Part of the Community, one of our LEAP Values.

Most importantly, however, taking an active interest in your child’s education and providing them with positive encouragement throughout their learning journey will help to foster an environment in which they are able to flourish. By working together, we can raise LOSINS standards and ensure that the school passionately pursues the best outcomes for all children.

Lee Infant School Governors

 Governor Role  Name  Key Governor Responsibilities
 Parent Governor  Vicki Lowe Chair of Governors/Pay Committee/Focus Team
Co-opted Governor  Revdr. Paul Chamberlain Vice Chair/Safeguarding/Resource and Finance/Pay Committee
 Parent Governor  Simon Tripp HT Performance  Management/Health and Safety/Finance and Resources
 Parent Governor  Graeme Orton
 Parent Governor  Vacancy
 Co-opted Governor  Melissa Wenham HT Performance  Management/Curriculum
 Parent Governor  Justin Capps  H & S/TLG
 LEA Governor  Liz Cumming SEN/Safeguarding
 Co-opted Governor  Vacancy Chair of Resource/Finance/Pay Committee
 Co-opted Governor  Lorna Mcqueen
 Co-opted Governor  Vacancy Curriculum/Marketing
 Headteacher  Allyson George Headteacher
 Staff Governor  Vacancy Curriculum
 Staff Governor  Michele Dewey Chair of Curriculum/Assessment  and Levels
 Associate Governor  Vacancy
 Associate Governor  Lea Ann Smith
 Clerk (HCC)  Bridget Dean


Lee-on-the-Solent Infant School   Governors’ Details

Name Category Appointed by

Term of Office

(no. of years & end date)

Committee membership Responsibilities

Voting Rights

(if Associate Member)

Phillip Broome Co-opted FGB 4 24/11/2018 Pay Resources & Finance
Paul Chamberlain Co-opted FGB 4 24/11/2018 Pay  Vice Chair
Justin Capps Parent Parents 4 20/10/2019 H & S
Graeme Orton Parent Parents 4 07/12/2019
Liz Cumming Authority Local Councillor 4 11/02/2019 SEN, Safeguarding
Michelle Dewey Co-opted FGB 4 24/11/2018 Curriculum
Allyson George Head Teacher Ex-Officio 4  Ex-officio
Nicola Hewitt Associate FGB 4 16/06/2019 Non-voting
Lea Ann Hughes Parent Parents 4 08/07/2017 Pay
Vicki Lowe Parent Parents 4 08/07/2017 Pay  Chair
Rebecca Paterson Co-opted FGB 4 24/11/2018  Marketing
Nadine Ricketts Staff Staff 4 16/03/2019  SEN
Simon Tripp Co-opted FGB 4 10/02/2019 HT Performance  Finance & Resources
Melissa Wenham Co-opted FGB 4 10/02/2019 HT Performance
Louise Courtney  Co-opted  FGB  4  07/12/2015    HT – P.Management
Emma Barnes Staff Staff 4 17/03/2015
Matthew Blake Parent Parents 4 16/09/2015
Anthony Tew Parent Parents 4 15/01/2018 DTG, Assessment & levels  

Lee-on-the-Solent Infant School   Register of Governors’ Interests


Name of Business

Including governor elsewhere, related / married to member of staff, employed at school

Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry
Phillip Broome
Justin Capps
Paul Chamberlain
Graeme Orton
Liz Cumming
Michelle Dewey  ELSA/LSA School Staff/Support
Allyson George Headteacher School Headteacher
Nicola Hewitt Clerical – Bay House School School Staff/Support
Lea Ann Hughes
Vicki Lowe
Rebecca Paterson
Nadine Ricketts Teacher/SENCo/Inclusion School Staff/Teacher
Simon Tripp
Melissa Wenham
Louise Courtney
Emma Barnes Teaching Staff School Staff/Teacher
Matthew Blake
Anthony Tew

Lee-on-the-Solent Infant School   Governor Attendance Record for the Academic Year 2014-15

Name Number of meetings should have attended Number of meetings attended Attendance rate           (%) Number of meetings should have attended Number of meetings attended Attendance rate              (%) Number of meetings should have attended Number of meetings attended Attendance rate           (%)
Phillip Broome 7 6 86%
Paul Chamberlain  8  7 88%
Lou Courtney  9  7  78%
Liz Cumming  6  3  50%
Michelle Dewey  9  7  78%
Allyson George  9  9 100%
Nicola Hewitt  8  1  13%
Lea Ann Hughes  9  8  89%
Vicki Lowe  9  9 100%
Rebecca Paterson  7  6  86%
Nadine Ricketts  3  3 100%
Anthony Tew  8  8 100%
Simon Tripp  4  3  75%
Melissa Wenham  4  3 75%
Gareth Weller 9 0 0%  
Emma Barnes 5 4 80%  
Matthew Blake 9 4 44%  




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